Monday, July 17, 2006

Beginning a ROAD TRIP !!! Posted by Picasa

Landslide two days before our departure. Road closed and only opened a path for ten min. every hour for "locals" to pass. Posted by Picasa

Heap a sheep... no wolves here. Posted by Picasa

New Zealand's Mt. Edgecumbe. It is for real and located in the Bay of Plenty. Posted by Picasa

Approaching Auckland. The sky tower is our point of reference in navigating the city. Posted by Picasa

A peak at the sky tower from under the overpass. Posted by Picasa

I wonder why they call Auckland the city of sails.... (duh) Posted by Picasa

"Whangarei Heads" off in the distance. Posted by Picasa

"Ya see that?"
"What!" Posted by Picasa

Woman by Manos Nathan, "muddy"
On pernmanent exhibit at Whangarei Museum Posted by Picasa

Street side checkers in Kamo. Posted by Picasa

Stream in the park across from Jane's house. Posted by Picasa

A river runs through it. Posted by Picasa

Mamaku & Kauri
(black tree fern & "young" kauri tree) Posted by Picasa

Couple a munch-kins Posted by Picasa

Check out the strummer's new guit. Posted by Picasa

Jammin at Jane's.
Danny Phantom, Strummindog, and Al Quinn Posted by Picasa

Passing Wallace & Grommet on the motorway. Posted by Picasa

"Huntervasser" Toilets in Kawakawa, NZ
A famous mosaic artist's work. Posted by Picasa

Ladies side .. crazy toilets Posted by Picasa

Todd Posted by Picasa

Dave approaches "big head Todd" Posted by Picasa

Approaching Auckland from Northland... heading "home" Posted by Picasa

winter trees obscure sky tower at 60 deg. Posted by Picasa

Where the sea and sky are one Posted by Picasa