Saturday, June 17, 2006

Looking south towards Wainui and Gisborne from above Makorori Beach. Winter afternoon driving home from Tolaga Bay. Posted by Picasa

Drove up to Tolaga Bay today... just to play on the beach and visit the town. Lady in the market remembered us from when Dave taught silver carving here. An awesome place... magical. Posted by Picasa

Beach combing between towns.. don't even know the name of this place, but only a few farms and a"heap of sheep" around for miles... uh kilometres I mean. Posted by Picasa

Natalie's new friends, Brownie & Dahlia. She and Dave meet them on the beach every day. Today they came up to the house for a play. Posted by Picasa

Looking back on Makorori Beach. The brown roofed house is one we looked at and considered living in. Great location!! Posted by Picasa

Oyster catchers feeding at Tolaga Bay Posted by Picasa

Moon rising over Wainui Beach in mid winter. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wainui Beach, Gisborne
First in the world to see the sun. Posted by Picasa

The front of our house and entry way we rarely use. Natalie's room is on this front corner, living room through the glass door. Front door to the right of the glass ones. Posted by Picasa

Front yard and garage. Natalie's room is first window on left. Posted by Picasa

The back of the house, deck, and yard. Upstairs deck is our bedroom. Left side fence is an outdoor shower for washing up after the beach. Posted by Picasa

View from the bedroom window. Posted by Picasa

Doors to Dave's shop, which the back of the garage. Looking up the side of the house to the front gate and garage. Posted by Picasa

View of the beach from the back deck. Posted by Picasa

Looking across the back yard to the path that leads down to the beach. Posted by Picasa

Lemon tree... almost ready for making lemon squares or fresh lemon pie. (It is "winter"!) Posted by Picasa

Chuck, the hedgehog. Posted by Picasa

Looking south toward Gisborne from the beach behind the house. Posted by Picasa

Wainui Beach.. looking northfrom just in back of our house. Posted by Picasa

Our big backyard.. Posted by Picasa

The beach looking towards Makarori, the next community north of us. Posted by Picasa

Notice any sheep on the hillside behind the school? Posted by Picasa

The courtyard where the kid have lunch and hang out before school. Posted by Picasa

The new girl in rm. 3 Posted by Picasa

After school, Natalie & her dad walk this beach home. Down the beach and to the right about 10 minutes walk... Posted by Picasa